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Empress: Balanced Glass Mousepad

Empress: Balanced Glass Mousepad

Striker Series

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This batch has major QC issues regarding silicone bubbling, sand in packages, and  box damage. The mousepad is still very usable, but the bottom of the mousepad will result in a non aesthetic look.

Please check the 2nd Product Picture for example of Silicone Bubbling, this could be worse or better, depends on your unit.

Once the Product is shipped out no returns will be allowed, including any QC Issues regarding the Product. We would recommend waiting for fixed batch for the "Perfect, Ideal Product", but that will be few months.

Please put your address in English for all International Orders.  

We advise against using glass feet or sapphire skates on our glass mousepads as they can scratch and potentially cause further damage.


"The Empress" represents a distinct color scheme crafted by our lead artist at Padsmith, Conrady. This design, unique in its conception, might see a comeback in the future but with a twist in its color variations. Our aim is to cater to the extensive diversity of computer setups worldwide by offering an array of design options.


    Balanced Glass Mousepad: Crafted to provide enhanced stopping power for precise control when it's needed most

    Multi-Layered Micro-Textured Glass Surface: Ensures smooth mouse movement and improved tracking

    Superior Anti-Slip Silicone Base: Offers stability and prevents unwanted movement during intense gameplay

    Design by Conrady: Showcases a unique and stylish design, adding personality to your desk setup

    Exceptional Durability: Built for longevity, providing consistent performance over extended use


    XL (490x420x4mm)







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