About Us

Welcome to Padsmith, where art meets functionality!

Born out of a shared passion for gaming and artistic expression, Padsmith was founded by Thump, Tunez, and Clank, all former competitive esports players and true enthusiasts in the peripheral community. Our mission is to create a unique lifestyle peripheral company that combines exceptional quality with breathtaking designs. We are excited to collaborate with our talented in-house artist, Conrady, whose artistic vision aligns perfectly with our goals.

Our story began when we realized that the gaming peripheral market was saturated with generic and uninspired designs. We wanted to offer something different - a product that didn't just cater to the gaming community but also to those who appreciate beautiful artwork and high-quality materials. This led us to create Padsmith, a brand that delivers premium mousepads that are not only functional but also stunning pieces of art.

At Padsmith, we believe that the perfect mousepad is an extension of your personality and taste. That's why we've teamed up with Conrady to bring you a diverse range of unique and eye-catching designs. Our mousepads aren't just about aesthetics, though; we've also put extensive research into ensuring that they provide the best gaming experience possible. As a lifestyle peripheral company, we're dedicated to enriching the gaming community by providing an avenue for artistic expression and top-notch quality. We are constantly working to expand our product line and collaborate with more top community personalities, ensuring that our customers always have something fresh and exciting to look forward to.