• When will the TOD/TFW be restocked?

    Unfortunately, the TOD/TFW models were limited-time drops, and there are no plans to restock these exact designs.

  • What new products can we expect from Padsmith?

    Padsmith is currently developing three new mousepads: the Crucible (TODv2), a glass pad, and a TFWv2.

  • What is the Crucible mousepad?

    The Crucible is a reimagined version of the TOD, featuring the same silky surface with faster performance, a significantly improved base, and high-quality stitching. The upcoming release ia collaboration with a streamer and will be a one-time drop. However, the surface design may be reused in a future always-in-stock product without the artwork.

  • How long do pre-order periods typically last?

    Pre-order durations vary, but they generally last around 3-4 months.

  • Can I cancel my pre-order?

    You may cancel your pre-order anytime before the batch ships from the factory. Once the shipment is en route to our warehouse, cancellations are no longer possible.

  • What is Padsmith's warranty policy?

    If you encounter any physical issues with your mousepad upon arrival, please contact our support team at support@padsmith.com, and we will promptly resolve the issue.