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Temple of Dreams - Remastered

Temple of Dreams - Remastered

Temple of Dreams

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"Temple of Dreams" represents a distinct color scheme crafted by our lead artist at Padsmith, Conrady. This design, unique in its conception, might see a comeback in the future. This version is inspired from our original drop, featuring a control surface with many upgrades from the last version.


    Control Cloth Surface: TOD Features a locked in control surface that is targeted for Tac FPS players. Uses our unique Mesh fabric that offers great high dynamic and static friction providing maximum control. 

    Slim Stitching that is even with the surface providing maximum comfort while gaming.

    Open Cell PU Base. This base is Soft with a quick foam rebound, which creates a consistent feeling across the pad. This base is also custom branded.

    Limited Edition Colorway by Conrady: Showcases a unique and stylish design, adding personality to your desk setup

    490x420x4mm (PU) + 1000x500x4mm (Rubber)


    XL (490x420x4mm) + XXL (1000x500x4mm)








    (Korea) @johnson_gaming_

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